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Archetyped! Is an experiment in storytelling, and exploration of just how many words can fit inside a photograph. When sight provokes memory, when an image lives inside a tradition of storytelling, it becomes more than just one image.

Inspired by the likes of Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills and the works of Gregory Crewdson, I began my own foray into illustrating moments from stories that never existed. But whereas Sherman explored the stereotypes of her era’s cinema, and Crewdson comments on real life, Archetyped! is a commentary of the way we dream about heroes.
Archetyped-TinyGods_20x30Death Of A SidekickKurosBlessing_20x30Summoning2_30x17Archetyped-Heroine_Sitting_20x30Geminatrix_20x30RavernousLady_24x24The Secrets of the World Are WhisperedTaina01-034_20x30Interstellar Oraclediogenes2_20x30